How would you like to get a sensual massage, with Nuru Massage you can experience a sensual, erotic and an enjoyable massage.

If you not sure how this can be done, then please follow along while I tell you.

The first step is the setup;

First you would want to inflate the Nuru Air Mattress and place it in a room where the temperature is between 75 and 80 degrees F. Place a towel on the mattress. Next you would want to submerge a 16 oz bottle of Nuru Gel in a sink filled with warm water. You must, however, be certain that the atmosphere is one of an intimate setting. Lastly, you will do the actual massage. Once you both are covered in this slippery gel you will slide your bodies together and when this happens you would have entered the world of local shag fuck buddy Nuru Massage.

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